" The purpose, where I start, is the idea of use. It's not recycling, it's reuse."
Issey Miyake

the reusery

Its a Mindset.

Cultivator lives and breathes the ‘reuse, repair, repurpose’ philosophy every day.
The local community embraced the opportunity to donate, utilise and or buy upcycled and repurposed items and objects made and sold at the Blues Point Road Village Space.

Making is at the heart of it everything that happens at Cultivator’s third spaces.
The media and materials we use REUSE are gratefully received as donations from the community we serve go on to become new works, objects and so much more.

The longer we extend the usefulness of our wearables and objects we use the greater our environmental impact reductions are.
Darning, mending, hemming, patching, restyling, updating, repainting and reworking there is always an alternative to landfill, we cultivate it all.

By community request the Pop Up Creative Space had a drop off point for used batteries of all shapes and sizes. We personally delivered the collected batteries to the LGA Council Recycling Centre ensuring they stayed out of landfill.
We accepted paper bags from community members which were used for purchases from the Cultivator Shop – keeping it circular.

– The Reloved Denim Project: Second hand jeans to relove were available to purchase at the Blues Point Road Creative Space. Sourced and saved from landfill by Reloved Demin we also held repair/buy/try/swap sessions at the Space.

– Re-Jewelled Workshops:  Hands-on workshops led by local makers where broken/dated pieces of fashion jewellrey were refashioned into fab new ‘ pieces extending the life of objects.

Loopy Bag Workshops: Once a month on Saturday afternoons we sewed with purpose and dug into the stash of community donated fabric pieces, rolls and remanants we acquired over our 12 month Pop Up. 

Peruse Cultivator’s sustainability statement 

Image attribution:  Still from Issey Miyake ‘Fall 2021 Ready to Wear‘ video. Sourced from Vogue.com.

Last updated December 16. 2022.

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